What is a Bod Pod?


Tips on Body Pod Sizing: What size is right for me? We recommend that the Body Pod Therapy Sock be the height of the individual using it. Example: If you are 5' feet 6" inches tall, a Body Pod Therapy Sock of the same height would be perfect, giving plenty of stretch. Never order a Body Pod that is larger than the user. Example: If you are 4' feet, a Body Pod Therapy Sock 4' feet 6" inches tall will be too big. Always make sure a proper measurement of the user's height is taken before placing your order. In short, get as close in height without going over.

Description: A Bip Gear Body Pod Therapy Sock is a translucent, sensory-stimulating tubular sleeve. Bod Pods are constructed from the highest quality Spandex material.

Bod Pods Care Instructions: Body Pods should be washed in cold water and line dried only. Bleach products should never be used on a bod pods. Ironing is not recommended.


No person or persons should be left unattended or alone while using a body sock. Always consult your doctor before using this product. Body socks should only be used with adult supervision or if a direct care provider present. Never spend more than 15 minutes in a body sock. A long break is recommended between uses. Never run, jump, or walk around while inside the body sock; serious injury may result.

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